100 Lifestyle

First and foremost, what it is not, is a diet. It’s not a fad. It’s a lifestyle change. The 16:8 programme is followed everyday, 7 days a week making it easy to turn into a long term habit that can be achieved over a lifetime.

The 16:8 principle is a type of intermittent fasting that promotes a healthy lifestyle through diet control. The process is is simple: all meals are eaten within an eight hour time frame with the remaining 16 hours of the day spent fasting and training.

16 hours without food may seem like a daunting number, especially when you add high energy workouts into the mix, but bear in mind that you will be sleeping for approximately eight of these hours. The best part? You don’t have to restrict yourself to any calorie count or particular foods. What’s more, tea, coffee and water can be consumed outside of the 16 hour time frame so as long as you eat healthily during your eight hours, you’ll see the weight drop off.

To understand how intermittent fasting works, you need to be able to differentiate between a ‘fed’ state and a ‘fasted’ state. Typically your body is in a fed state when it is digesting and absorbing food. This usually lasts several hours and during this time it is difficult to burn fat as the levels of insulin are high.

Your body stops digesting and processing nutrients around 12 hours after your last meal and it is after this that your body begins to fast. During a fast, when insulin levels are low, our bodies burn fat with much more ease and much faster, creating the optimum environment in which train.  Furthermore, during a fasting period our bodies use energy from their glycogen stores and therefore any excess fat that is ingested through food returns to the glycogen bank, rather than in fat cells.

During our normal routines we continually eat and therefore usually deny our bodies the opportunity to enter a fasted state for long enough to achieve large scale results. With 16:8, we control our bodies natural mechanics to burn fat quicker. 100 Lifestyle is the first holistic fitness and nutrition app that empowers users to control their diet to access the fat-burning fasting state fast and achieve results from their workouts.

Released by the professional endurance athlete and Ironman champ Caine Eckstein, 1oo Lifestylecombines the principles of 16:8 fasting with high intensity exercises, to create a programme that helps users achieve a healthier, leaner lifestyle. Not just short-term weight loss gains.

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